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Thread: electrical help

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    Default electrical help

    I currently installed a new sevice and have an issue with a 14/3 cloth wire that contols two bedrooms upstair and an 3 way in the dining room on the lower floor, and a game room in the basement they where junktioned at the panel some how.
    i have two sets of the wires at the panel red, blk, and wht. on one set(the one that looks like it is going upstairs) if i connect the red to a cb i get 56v on both.
    if i connect the black or wht to a cb i get 120/70 which to me looks like travelers on a three way circuit.
    when i do the same to the other set i get nothing, and if i connect blk to cb, red to red, wht to blk, and wht to nuet the circuit still doesnt work.
    i have an attachment of how i thought it should go, and one other option that i tried with no luck....?Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: electrical help

    I'm afraid there just isn't enough information for me to even make an educated guess. You have the wires going to many places and to to many different devices.
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    Default Re: electrical help

    I'm with Jack ... information is lacking.

    I suspect the 14/3 going upstairs is likely a multiwire ( shared neutral ) configuration feeding 2 circuits. Which means the red and black would be connected to a 15 amp double pole breaker.

    The other 14/3 feeds circuits down stairs?

    All depends .... hard to say from here.
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