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    Default Re: Insulating walls on 85 year old 2 1/2 story Colonial!

    I am facing the same issue on an 82 yr old colonial 2.5 story that closely resembles the Archie Bunker house from All in the Family show. Just like yours, mine has wood lath, plaster the whole bit. My house is a balloon frame construction with walls made of 2X4 rough cut timbers and from the basement I can see all the way to the attic if you peak into the wall cavities. The foam insulation guy I spoke to said if I DIY the insulation, put a fire block between the studs at about 7 to 8 feet apart going up. He also advised to check with local code (I am in Queens NY) but typically a piece of 2X4 can be used or some people will use pieces of drywall stacked to the dimensions of a 2X4. For the slow rise foam stuff you make a hole in the plaster wall 1/3 the way up from the fire block and drop in the hose till it rises then go another 1/3 till you reach the top. The alternative is to remove all the plaster and spray it in like a new construction. I may end up using a combination of both since the plaster on one wall is in really bad shape anyway. But I will use the slow rise stuff where the plaster is good and I want to keep it.
    Since my attic rafters are 24" on center I think I will almost have to use the spray stuff. I dont think fiber glass comes in 24" bats.
    The Spray it Green web site has some videos you can watch and that may give you some other ideas.
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