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    Question Re: Soft, squeaky drywall near Chimney

    Quote Originally Posted by 60sHouse View Post
    I have a bedroom, and one of the walls is soft & squeaky. Here are the characteristics of the wall:

    - the bedroom is on the second floor
    - there is a window in the center of the wall
    - the fireplace chimney is on the exterior of the wall
    - when I press my hand against the wall, the wall gives & squeaks
    - when the wind blows, an intermittent tapping noise comes from the wall

    A neighboring bedroom shares the exterior, chimney wall -- the walls in this second bedroom are firm, and do not squeak.

    The room is fine, except for windy days & windy nights -- the wind movement against the house or the wall, seems to cause tapping noises -- these noises coming from the soft, squeaky wall are annoying. It's hard to get a good night's sleep in the room.

    Is there anyway to fix the soft, squeaky wall?

    I have a house with the same problem. Did you find a fix that worked?

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    Default Re: Soft, squeaky drywall near Chimney

    Often times an upstairs wall is not securely attached to the floor, especially inside walls and when you walk by them they sqeak or crackle or pop. Your problem could very easily be the need of gluing down the footer and using lag bolts into the trusses. The sound is from very slight movement of the wall in relation to the floor. Oh yea, a stud finder is the best way to find a stud without making holes in the drywall. One way to secure the wall to the floor without removing the drywall is to use a rotozip and cut below the trim line and screw the wall down then just replace the trim (note keep the removed strip of drywall to reuse as spacers under the trim when replaced.

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