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I have a bedroom, and one of the walls is soft & squeaky. Here are the characteristics of the wall:

- the bedroom is on the second floor
- there is a window in the center of the wall
- the fireplace chimney is on the exterior of the wall
- when I press my hand against the wall, the wall gives & squeaks
- when the wind blows, an intermittent tapping noise comes from the wall

A neighboring bedroom shares the exterior, chimney wall -- the walls in this second bedroom are firm, and do not squeak.

The room is fine, except for windy days & windy nights -- the wind movement against the house or the wall, seems to cause tapping noises -- these noises coming from the soft, squeaky wall are annoying. It's hard to get a good night's sleep in the room.

Is there anyway to fix the soft, squeaky wall?

I have a house with the same problem. Did you find a fix that worked?