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    Question Cinder Block Foundation Woes

    We purchased a home two years ago that had a cinder block foundation. When we looked at the house we noticed there were about four or five cinder blocks pushed out in one corner of the basement and so before purchasing the home had the foundation evaluated by a structural engineer. We also followed up with the home owners who informed us piers were placed in the basement to support the corner of the basement where the cinder blocks had moved. The structural engineer we hired assessed the basement and did not believe there was anything wrong with the basement. He thought the repairs adequately fixed the settling problems. A year went by and we had no problems. At about 1.5 years some slight step-wise cracking started and the cinder blocks moved an additional 1/8. At two years we now have crack down the middle of one cinder block, stepwise cracks 1/8 and additional cinder blocks have pushed out. We have cracks in the floor in that corner and the corner now appears pitched downward as if the corner of the basement is sinking. The basement piers are under warranty. The company is recommending that the cracks be filled and that additional piers be placed on the outside wall. Is this adequate? Or should I be asking for the corner/wall to be replaced? Is that even possible to replace part of a cinder block foundation?

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    Howdy sorry to hear about the foundation movement. Did the structural engineer happen to mention what was the problem? You might have the engineer back to view and tell you what he/ she would recommend. Good time to have a foundation contractor out to view and bid repairs too. Any rain gutter down spouts in this area of the damages? If so be sure they do not drain next to the foundation be at least drain 8' away from it. If a sprinkler system be sure no heads spray t word this area and also do not have any plants in the area that require watering- did the engineer warn you of these issues ????????
    Did the pier co tell you why more movement?

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    Default Re: Cinder Block Foundation Woes

    I would be calling that engineer back to re-evaluate the situation. Also I would be calling the folks that installed the piers to also come out at the time the engineer shows up. Together they should be able to determine what's going on and a plan to stabilize that area. I would also ask the company who installed the piers if they had done so with approval from an engineer and if they were required to have it inspected.

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