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    Cool What's the best way to mount a small but heavy mantle?

    I am building a cutured stone wall behind a wood burning stove.

    I am wanting to mount four 1/4 round black cherry logs as shelves. I will be mounting these on a scratch coat I put up for the stones.

    Any thoughts as to the best way to mount these?

    They are two feet long and weigh about 20- 25 pounds?
    They are 3" high and 5" wide.

    I look forward to your replys.

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    Default Re: What's the best way to mount a small but heavy mantle?

    If it's not too late, I'd mount some "L" brackets (hefty ones) to studs to carry the shelves. Then put your finish coats over the brackets. I'd sc**** the scratch coat off the walls so the brackets can lay flush on the walls when you bolt (lag bolts) them to the studs. Once you finish the surface, the brackets will be hidden. You could even cut recesses in the bottom of the logs to hide them as they attach to the logs.

    Good Luck.

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