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I am mainly needing saw for wood cutting. I will be (trying to) cut base and crown molding and I need to remove a tongue and groove wall to put sheetrock up. I need a saw that is easy to use because I don't have much knowledge of these kinds of things! I would love to buy just one saw for all my home improvement needs. Thanks to all for the suggestions.
That will be a tough order to fill, given the projects you've listed.

Base and crown are best cut on a miter saw, though it can be done flat with a circular saw or with a handsaw and miter block. The best thing for crown is a coping saw for inside corners and a standard miter saw for outside corners.

Flat work and ripping is best accomplished with a circular saw

Drywall is cut with a utility knife or keyhole saw.

I can tell you unequivocally that the dual saw you've asked about will not work well for anything you've listed here.

So, what will work best for you?

  1. Corded Circular saw.
  2. Speed Square

I would go with a small corded circular saw. I say corded because most homeowners don't use battery operated tools enough to keep the batteries operating properly, resulting in expensive battery replacements every year or two. The speed square will give you something to use as a cutting guide to make straight lines when cutting baseboard and other narrow pieces.

For installing crown, I'd look into renting a miter saw which will give you fast, accurate compound cuts, something that would be possible, but difficult with any other tool. You can do both inside and outside cuts with a miter saw, though it is recommended that inside corners be coped to prevent them from opening up. Coping saws are inexpensive and easy to use.

The tongue and groove wall should come down easily once you get the first board out. Typically, T&G is nailed through the tongue, so once you get the first piece out, you can work the rest loose with a pry bar or hammer.

You can Google the items listed for more specific information as to what they are, their uses, and price range.