We have a leaking drain pipe from top of flat top roof of duplex from the 30ies. It leaks into the basement (around the visible part of drainpipe) when it rains and also when we take showers on 2nd floot (the 1st floor drains into a separate drain so is unaffected). We also noticed sewer smell in 2nd floor bathroom a while ago.
So all the plumbers here seem to want to do is break down walls (with vintage ceramics!) and ceilings to replace the main drain pipe or drain stack from roof to basement. At a major cost and inconvenience. Cast iron 4". We are trying to find a good pipe lining service that does the job locally but are having no luck - saw that Maxliner was featured on an old episode - can anyone point us to a good company that provides this service or similar on vertical drainage pipes using epoxy or similar (factoring in that we have to allow an area for the drains of the bathroom fixtures to connect to main drain)