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    Default What size compound mitre saw do I need?

    I'm getting ready to undertake redoing the trim in my 100 yr old (translated- not square) house and am wondering how I determine what size compound mitre saw I should purchase and what other features I should look for. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: What size compound mitre saw do I need?

    That is going to depend on how much you will use it and for waht purposes. I like the Dewalt 12" with laser myself.
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    Default Re: What size compound mitre saw do I need?

    A 10" will do most work, though as jkirk points out, the size of the trim will dictate.

    On a personal note, I've had a 10" which worked great for most things and I upgraded to a 12" a few years back. To be honest, the 10" is nearly as useful as the 12" with the added benefit that the smaller blades are cheaper to purchase and resharpen. The 10" is also just a tad smaller in all dimensions, making it easier to move around if necessary.
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    Default Re: What size compound mitre saw do I need?

    I have the dewalt 12 inch double compound sliding on a delta stand. and I love it and I don't have problems with blade deflection. I think part of it is how you take care of your tools as well as not forcing cuts or just "jamming" the blade into the work.

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