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    Red face cabinet door won't close

    I have a kitchen cabinet door that won't remain shut. It's one of the ones right underneath the sinks. I close it & it sort of swings open to remain ajar. Any suggestions on how to remedy this problem? None of the other cabinet doors do this. I've been in my house 2 yrs now & this is a recent occurence.

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    Default Re: cabinet door won't close

    Likely it is a hinge problem, replace the hinges. The door was probably over extended (opened beyond the functional range of the hinge ), causing the hinge to deform, now it doesn't close. A new set of standard hinges will only set you back a few bucks.
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    Default Re: cabinet door won't close

    I agree with Spruce---he has extensive experience with cabinets.

    On the other hand, examine the lock to determine what type you have---many are just a leaf spring latch & lose their alignment with the catch notch.

    See if you can see how the opposite side door opens & closes--use a large hand mirror & light to see how the latch/notch mechanism works & if it lacks alignment---sometimes just loosening the hinges & tapping the door top or bottom with the handle of a screwdriver, then retightening is enough to re-align the door so the leaf spring or other mechanism now aligns again with the notch & closes the door---sometimes its the stationary notch piece that has to be loosened with the screwdriver, moved & tightened again with the screwdriver to align it with the latch.

    Also Google "kitchen cabinet door won't close" (without the quotes) for more sites that deal with this problem.
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