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    Default wrong stain color on new fiberglass door

    We recently purchased a new interior/ exterior fiberglass door. It was stained and sealed with a high gloss sealer. The door was completed before I had a say it it and the color is wrong and the high gloss is not what I wanted at all. How do I now strip the door which is fiberglass and the framing which is wood? Also - I want to "age" the door as I finish it - can this be done with a glazing product or do you have other suggestions?? I HATE THE DOOR RIGHT NOW! Help! Our style is NM stucco with cedar beams etc. - all the other doors in the house are true cedar I need to come as close to that look as possible - but to the ****en side instead of the red. THANKS!!
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    Default Re: wrong stain color on new fiberglass door

    Howdy do n't look at it or get a block or two away an then it will look better.

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