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    Default Newly buried underground steam return pipe

    I was just over at a friend's basement renovation project, i saw the contractor buried his brand new return pipe(silver colored and guesstimated at 1.5" in diameter) in a steam heating system with concrete. And on top of that concrete, there is about .5" of tile mortar mix and then tiles.

    The problem I noticed was that, the concrete on top of the pipe is very thin, like maybe slightly less than 1/8 in thin? Could that be a problem if he chooses to put heavy stuff on top ????
    thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Newly buried underground steam return pipe

    First thing that comes to mind is why bury a return line in concrete? Somehow it doesn't seem like a good idea with a chance of that pipoe corroding.

    If the concrete is that thin then it will crack and the tiles laid on top will also crack.
    The whole thing sounds like a receipe for disaster.

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