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Thread: refunishing

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    Default refunishing

    I have a beautiful wood table with a thin layer of vaneer. Setting hot items on the table has caused white spots.

    What can I do to get the spots out???


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    Default Re: refunishing

    You didn't say if/or not the wood has a protective coat over the bare veneer. If it does, what has happened is the protective finish has lifted or seperated from the wood surface due to heat. Similiar conditions exist on car finishes that have a clear coat over the base coat subjected to heat from the sun and other various variables. Tough one because of thin veneer. Must carefully remove protective coating from top surface with fine sanding paper until removed and respray or remove the veneer and have it redone by professional qualified to do such. Dont use chemical-liquid strippers as they can damage underlying surface not knowing what it is. Had same problem with mine. From Cat--you know!. I just removed and re-veneered it myself. It's hard to correct an individual spot. Its hard next to impossible to get it to match in color,grain, and consistency.

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