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    Default slow draining sink and 'shut off' valve spray

    Hello All,

    Two concerns. concern 1 - I seem to have a slow draining and clogged bathroom sink. The water backs up in the bathroom sink and drains slowly. So far I removed the PVC trap and ran a manual auger through the pipes,which took some time to work through some spots but eventually worked my way through. I also reversed the auger a few times to see if there was any muck on the auger. It did show some residue, but not much. I then reinstalled the trap and ran the water to see if I made any progress. Well - it still backs up and drains slowly. I am seeking your guidance. Please advise.

    concern 2 - Before removing the trap I turned off the hot and cold 'shut off' valves under the sink and when I turned the cold 'shut off valve' back on, it now sprays water right behind the valve itself. Please also assist me with this issue. Need question answered, please ask. I appreciate all your assistance.

    Thank You all!

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    Default Re: slow draining sink and 'shut off' valve spray

    Did you remove pop up and check for hair? Most likely that is where the problem is, if it is not in the trap or drain line. You can remove pop up rod from tailpiece and remove pop up. Use a flashlight to inspect.
    The water leaking from stop is probably the packing nut. Just give it a little turn until it stops leaking

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    Default Re: slow draining sink and 'shut off' valve spray

    MSSP, hello and thank your for your assistance.

    Is the pop up rod the following or something still attaced under the sink?

    I removed the pop up from above the sink -- since I can remember it has always been detached from the metal rod under the sink. In other words, to remove the pop up all I know is to slide it out from the pin from above -- there never seemed to be any screw that I needed to remove. BUT - I guess the rest of the unit - (all PVC) is still attached from below -- that is then connected to the pvc tail pipe, the pvc trap, then curved pvc then copper drain in wall.

    Is the packing nut directly behind the shutoff off knob - which is part of the valve? I will double check but the shut off valve looks like it's one piece with more than one nut. - It's a standard valve shut off -- one for hot -- one for cold.

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