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    Question moldy window frames

    we have a 10yr old cape cod house.The four windows, 2 dormer and 2 on sides all have mold on the inside frames between storm and window,now coming into inside wood. I am thinking we need to replace all the windows. Have previously tried to clean off but comes back every spring after winter. Think the windows are leaking from outside on top of window to inside. Any advice?

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    Default Re: moldy window frames

    Hi, we have the same problem. We are considering new vinyl windows but that is costly. I sent a message to TOH to see if they reply. Our drywall around the windows is crumbling away and Im constantly wiping the mold away with a bleach solution. We do have honeycomb window coverings to keep the heat in. The humidity in our house is 41% right now and we heat with a woodstove. I don't know, Im frustrated too. The house we had before had these great vinyl windows with pine frames, and we lived in the same area and they did not have condensation on them....No Mold!! It was an old house and very drafty so that could have helped with the condensation, but we had the same honeycomb blinds on the windows. Im thinking new vinyl windows with pine wrapped frames is the key.

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    Default Re: moldy window frames

    Yeah guys, vinyl windows would solve the problem for sure. The other thing is you can try is repainting the windows using some product by Kilz. They make mold stopping primer and I have used that before and it seems to do the trick.

    However if you are having crumbling problems with the sheetrock you are in trouble and definitely need to replace those bad boys.

    But give the Kilz a try and then paint over that. Might help...has for me in the past when dealing with mold.
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