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    Default Product to recycle cold water

    Hello - There is a water conservation product that can be hooked up to a sink so that when you turn on the hot water, it recycles the cold water and doesn't give you water (I think) until the water is hot. I realize this is probably not the best explanation, but I remember seeing something in a past TOH issue about this. Does anyone know the name of this product?
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    Default Re: Product to recycle cold water

    There is a means of installing a recirculation pump to the hot water side that returns the water in the line back to the water heater so that the water is always hot at the fixture. Whether the slight increase in energy consumption is worth the water savings is up to you.

    Another method is to use point-of-use instant hot water heaters.
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    Default Re: Product to recycle cold water

    Or the recirc pump can be made to operate on demand by a switch or motion detector. See Taco D'mand pump.

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