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    Cool to use or not to use

    All sanding is done, and I've watched Tom Silva wood floor refinishing video. I'm down to the nitty-gritty, and am ready to finish off vintage oak floors. Do I need to stain? I will polyurethane - but which product brand/type is best?

    Also, I have some Behr 2-1 wood prep (touted to be good for all seemingly all surfaces, as well). Is using this product overkill, or do I need to use this stuff?

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    Default Re: to use or not to use

    You only need to stain if you need to blend/hide existing water stains and such or if you want to change the color of the floor. If you stain, make absolutely certain that it's compatible with your clear coat.

    I have not refinished a floor, however, the general consensus is to use an oil based poly that is designed for floors. furniture grade poly won't hold up.
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