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    Default Re-Facing fireplace

    I have a Fireplace that uses a set of direct vent logs. The exterior of the fireplace is brick, built out in a couple of places to look like columns (the extend 1/2" out more than the other bricks). It also has 3 courses of bricks that jut out 1/2" per course under the mantel (stone mantle). I am looking to face the entire thin with granite tiles 12 x 12) What is the best way to build up the thickness to get the entire thing flat? I was thinking thinset to smooth the bricks flat, and cut pieces of 1/2" concreate board fastened with tapcons into the brick to take up the space (probably using some sort of adhesive as well where the boards are layered out).

    Any other options?

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    Default Re: Re-Facing fireplace

    I was about to post a similar question about my fireplace, which is simply a brick-faced fireplace that I'd like to re-face.

    The only option I'd heard until I read your post was white plaster. I had an individual over doing some plaster work on my walls, and he talked about multiple fireplaces he'd plastered over.

    I was going to ask if anyone had experience with that, how it lasted, and how challenging it would be to in turn add a mantel/hang a flat TV on it. With the possible wiring, I was also going to ask about burked's solution - using concrete board or the like!

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