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    Default compound cut from Hell

    Okay, here is my problem. I have raised panel wainscot I installed on my stair walls and my upstairs hallway. I want to rip a 6010 style oak handrail in half and plow out the bottom to cap the wainscot. Here is the problem: How do I figure the bevel and angle of the cap running up the stairwall (probably somewhere between 22 to 28 degrees as I haven't measured it yet) to the cap running horizontal down the hallway?


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    You can't make turns around angled corners like that in a single cut. You'll have to make several pieces to gradually turn the corner.

    The easiest way to figure out your hard angle is to scribe a scrap at the corner, then match the mark with the saw. Again, you will have to cut several pieces to go around the corner and have the trim mate up properly.
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    At the top of the stairs, before you turn the corner, run the moulding horizontally. See the attached image (sorry it's such a crude drawing). If you don't have much space, or if the top edge of the paneling changes angle right at the corner, the "horizontal" run at the top of the stairs could be wedge shaped, where the bottom edge of the molding is almost zero length.
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