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    Default finding under ground pipes

    hello can you give me basic idea on how to locate and find under ground water pipe from my pool. without digging up the whole yrd have have tried serval locations of where i thought it might be and havent found it yet. it the main line from the pool to pump so i thought would be easy to find but it has not been.. thanks

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    Default Re: finding under ground pipes

    Find yourself a full metal coat hanger. Cut it at one lower corner (the end of the long straight bottom. Make a second cut at the top of the opposite shorter side, just under the hook and twist. Now straighten the bend between the long and short lengths to 90*. You've just made a divening rod.

    Turn on the pump so water is flowing through the pipes, then loosely hold the short end of the divening rod in your hand with the long portion outward. Hold your forearm and divening rod parallel to the ground and walk back and forth across the area where the pipes are. When you cross the pipe, the rod should turn in your hand with the directional flow of the water.

    Second means would be if you know the builder of the pool, call them and see if they still have the plans on file, which will show the locations of all the plumbing.
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    Default Re: finding under ground pipes

    Draw up a plan for building a deck over the area in question. Locate postholes for said deck and commence digging. You'll hit it on either the first or second hole.....guaranteed.

    Seriously though........the installer may have been on the ball enough to lay down a tracer wire a few inches under the surface which you could find with a metal detector. No promises, of course, but it wouldn't take long to find out.


    You should really be calling these folks before you go digging for it anyway......just in case. If you severe a tele line, cable line, gas line or similar....you will be responsible for the repairs.
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