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    Question moulding problem

    I live in a 70 year old house in an older area of Sacramento, California. I need to replace some of the trim moulding that sits on top of the baseboards. After a lengthy search, I am unable to find the original moulding at any retail of wholesale outlets. I have a shaper and a router, but can't find any bits that will duplicate the original moulding. I recall on one of the episodes of This Old House, Tommy discussed having a router bit made by a manufacturer so he could duplicate and match the original moulding in the house on which he was working. Does anyone know the name of a manufacturer that will create such a router or shaper bit, and what is the process that I follow to provide the manufacturer with the configuration I need in a bit to make the moulding I am trying to duplicate?

    Thank You.

    Scott P.

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    Default Re: moulding problem

    One of these should be able to direct you locally

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    Default Re: moulding problem

    Unless you need at least 1000 feet, the easiest and cheapest thing to do is find a locale molding maker. In this small community where I live we have one and they have several hundred knife sets for their moulder that match local styles. I bought 100 feet on base board top for $.98/foot much cheaper than a single custom knife or router bit set.
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