After years of complaining about spammers and suggestions of doing like other forums, like having active Moderators or requiring legitimate e-mail address to sign in the problem persist. After several fixes to their filter software, the problem persists. They even shut down for a month to make changes and instead of solving the problems they have made them worse. Now legitimate words are replaced by *ís and some times individual letters are replace in posts with *ís but the spammers continue to post multiple times. Some of the chosen words that are replaced make posts unintelligible. Why would you replace p-o-w-e-r with *ís on a forum that has an electrical thread.
I have tried to help others through this forum but I donít have time to dig through 20 or 30 spam posts to find the one legitimate posts. I will miss the friends I have made on here but it is just not worth the hassle anymore. I wish you all the best of luck. I will also PM this to the Moderator but suspect it will be ignored just like the reported problems.