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    I have a cat urine smell issue in our basement of a property we have up for sale. The previous rentor of the property had an issue with their cat urinating on the rugs in the basement prior to them moving out. We took out the old rug and cleaned the floor underneath several times and let it completely dry before putting down a new rug. We thought the issue was resolved but a propspective buyer said they still noticed a smell when their real-estate agent took them through the house.
    Is there anything else we could poosibly try?

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    Cat urine is one of the hardest odors to get rid of. Unfortunately, if you did not seal the floor prior to the new carpet, then the odor is already into the pad and carpet.

    I'd recommend pulling the carpet and pad and sealing the floor with BIN primer such as Zinnser brand primer ( red label ). I'd replace the pad, since that's been in direct contact with the odor before relaying the carpet. A sprinkling of baking soda between the carpet and pad will help to neutralize remaining odors.
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