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    Default Basment elcetrical box question

    I am finishing my basement and wanted to find out if it is ok to have outlets up off the floor about 2' or do they need to be lowered. Right now they are in 4X4X1-1/2 metal boxes with conduit up the wall which stops after they get into the floor joist cavity and the wire is nailed to the joist. Also should I add a gfci outlet on the first plug for protection, the basement has never been wet before. Any help would be great.

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    Default Re: Basment elcetrical box question

    For the most part there are minimum distances required above the floor of any finished space -- around here that is around 12 inches. That doesn't mean receptacles can't be further up on the wall. Usually for asthetics receptacles are usually at the minimum height so as to hide them and the cords plugged into them.

    As far as GFCI , usually they aren't required in a finished space were there isn't a wet area like a bathroom -- there isn't anything thing to say they can't be used.
    However, there may be a requirement to have Arc Fault protected circuits instead.

    Since you will be finishing this space , your best source for answers to your particular situation is the local building departmen. Besides, you will need permits and inspections which means you will need to follow local requirements.
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    Default Re: Basment elcetrical box question

    if yoru fininshin off your basement im guessing you will be tearing out the old and putting in new?? if so, just do it to match the rest of your house(upstaris)..

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