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    Default Painting over wallpaper?

    My girl friend lives in an appartment with very ugly wall paper in the bathroom. She intends to just paint over it as opposed to stripping the wall paper. I say that is her perogative if the landlord is ok with it. (Cant hurt the looks of it) Anyhow, I have some Zinser primer that I thik she should use prior to the actual finish paint. Any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: Painting over wallpaper?

    The important thing is that the primer be non-water soluable. i.e. either oil or alcohol based. You don't want the moisture from a water based primer to possibly loosen the water soluble paste holding the wallpaper on the wall. Oil and water based primers also form a far more moisture resistant barrier than does a water based primer.

    Personally, I would remove the wallpaper first. Once you paint over it, it will be almost impossible to remove at a future time. Your landlord might not appreciate your efforts either and refuse to refund your security deposit!

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