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    Default crawlspace encapsulation

    My rancher is on a riverfront with a high water table. It has always been humid and mildewy. The crawlspace has sheet poly down, underhouse drainage and sump system, gutters directed well away from house. Hydronic baseboard heat, window unit a/c, portable dehumidifier. Moisture persists. Will crawlspace encapsulation fix this? What should I look for in an installer and dehumidifier system offered?

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    Default Re: crawlspace encapsulation

    Howdy first consider applying Timbor to the wood in the crawlspace as it resists mod mildew and rott see web page for info

    http://www.domyownpestcontrol.com i apply it in a pump up weed sprayer and it is cheap too what could be better.

    Got any cross ventilation in the crawl space?

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    Default Re: crawlspace encapsulation

    The best way to remedy your problem would be to install drain tile and a sump pump along the perimeter of your foundation walls (which you say you already have installed) then to encapsulate ur crawlspace then place a adaquate dehumidifier to totally remedy your water and humidity problem. For a more detailed description of this go to http://crawlspaceinfo.com this is a real informative website regarding crawlspaces.

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