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    Default Mobile Home Odor Abatement, or Remodel?

    My wife and I stand to inherit a 1970s era mobile home, and given the economy and where we live (Southern California), it is an option we have to consider.

    The difficulty with the home is that it has been inhabited for thirty years by an extremely, extremely heavy smoker, and the odors are so bad that we have never been let inside the house. Is there a realistic way of getting these odors out of the house -- we often see the trucks of companies specializing in "disaster recovery" -- or will we have to gut the place and completely remodel its interior?

    If the latter, are there any resources you would recommend on the problems specific to remodeling mobile homes?

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    Default Re: Mobile Home Odor Abatement, or Remodel?

    You'll never get the odor out of fabrics or carpets, so plan on pulling and replacing things like d****s, furniture, carpets and pad, throw rugs, clothing, linens, towels, etc.

    Being a 70's era trailer, it's likely got paneling everywhere. If you don't want to replace that, you can wash it down with TSP to remove as much of the dirt and smoke residue as possible, use a BIN primer (shellac based, see Zinsser red label primer ). Plan on sealing every surface in the house, floors, walls, ceilings, in every nook and cranny, closet, etc. Follow the primer with paint of choice. Install new floorings throughout the house, including vinyl and hardwood if applicable. Tile surfaces will be fine. Cabinetry can also be primed and painted if they're laden with smoke odors, or replaced, depending on your budget and needs.
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