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    I am planning on insulating the floor under my three season porch; what would be better, kraft-faced bats of R-38 with the vapor barrier towards the floor, or two layers of R-19, with one face of thevapor barrier towards the floor, and the second layer towards the ground? The floor joists are 2 x 12's, and is about 18" off of the ground. Second question; I would like to put something over the insulation in an attempt to stop critters; I was thinking thin plywood, any other suggestions? And last question; the rafters are 2x10's; I know that the insulation should not touch the underside of the roof; I planned on ripping strips of 2" styrofoam board, and with that rip the board to 14.5" wide to create a "chase", and on toop of that, use R-19 fiberglass. That combination should give me R-29; any thoughts?


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    Why insulate the floor of a three season porch? IF you add it then use fiberglass with no facing so no moisture is trapped. and nothing is being added that allows mold to grow in or on it.

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