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    Question Transom

    I bought my first house about a year ago. I fell in love at first sight; it was built in 1900 and has most of the original wood work inside around doors and windows. It also has working transoms above all of the doors except one. Above this one door (the upstairs bathroom) the window is completely gone. I want to replace this but Iím not sure where to start looking. The transoms upstairs rotate in the middle with a rod on the side to open/close them (sorry I donít know technical terms). I live in a small town in central Illinois so ordering from the internet would be preferable since I donít live near any major cities. I appreciate your suggestions.

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    Because so many of these where not a standard size, you may be better off finding a local wood worker to duplicat the transom window, and buy spring pins on line.
    Here is a couple sources and

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