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    Unhappy Wood Trim Everywhere...paint or refinish

    I have a 1912 Craftsman Bungalow one story house. It has the original hardwood floors in the front room, along with the original wood door. It also has wide wood baseboards, wide window trim and wood mantle above the brick fireplace which is also surrounded on both sides by wood bookshelves (built in and attatched). I love the look, however, I really need to refinish it all as it is scuffed and very worn, or paint some of the trim. Right now it just seems very dark and there is A LOT of wood. Any suggestions? My husband and I cannot agree what to do and I am torn.

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    Default Re: Wood Trim Everywhere...paint or refinish

    Please don't paint the wood. It may take some time but a house such as yours deserves it. My house has all mohagany on the first floor and I did strip all lot and refinished it. One thing i would suggest is to do one room at a time and take as much of trim off to refinish. You'll have a lifetime to enjoy it. If you do sell,it certainly will pay off. John

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    Wink Re: Wood Trim Everywhere...paint or refinish

    I agree with jboller56, take your time and stain one room at a time, you will appreciate it more when it is done. I had an older home with a lot of woodwork, we spent a lot of time stripping paint and staining but it was like a work of art when it was done.


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