I live in New England and have a 11x11 kitchen which is to be redone. Currently we have in this space (as well as through the rest of our 1200sq ft ranch) electric baseboards. We rarely use the one in the kitchen but were considering installing radiant heat in this space (and maybe in the future in the bathrooms).

Is it possible to eliminate the baseboard and somehow piggy-back on the existing wiring for the radiant floor (and control it through the existing thermostat/wiring)?

We are doing our kitchen on a budget and as it is electrical is eating up a lot of it, so trying to lower some costs.

Our electrical panel is at the opposite end of the house from the kitchen, so running new wires would likely be costly...while we already have the baseboard wired (with it's own separate circuit: 2 breakers)

IF this is not possible and we have to go with the GFCI, how do you hide the radiant electric cables going to the outlet?