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    Default Painting windows with UV film

    I want to paint 6-over-6 double hung windows to which, several years ago, we added UV film (DIY project that involved shampoo, but no adhesive). Can I do this without damaging the film on the glass? My usual method of painting is to paint the frame and muntins as carefully as possible and later use a razor blade to remove any paint on the glass. The alternative of using some kind of masking tape or painter's tape would seem also likely to tear the film. I hope the answer isn't to try some kind of paint shield: for me that is always just a tool to guarantee getting paint where I don't want it and making a bigger mess than if I did nothing at all but paint carefully!

    Any ideas or instructions how to use a paint shield (if I need to)?


    M in NJ

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    Default Re: Painting windows with UV film

    M in NJ,

    Professional painters have always just "cut-in" the sash using a good angular brush or "sash tool", as they are called.
    Taping to the film will probably cause it to lift off or tear, even with low tack painters tape.

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