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    Default vinyl siding questions

    We would like the improve the exterior of our vinyl-sided Colonial home by installing some shutters and window headers. Since our vinyl siding is pretty old and the weather is getting cooler, I am concerned about potential damage to my siding during installation. The siding contractor that will be installing them does not think the age of the siding or the temperature will be an issue as long as it is above freezing when the work is done. I wanted to get some more opinions on this issue before we proceed since I do not want to do anything that would potentially damage my siding. Temperature this time of year is generally in the 50s during the day and mid 30s at night. Would it be okay to install them in this type or weather or should we postpone this project until the weather is warmer?

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    Default Re: vinyl siding questions

    are they just vinyl shudders that are decorative, the temperature shouldnt be an issue just as long as the installer takes the proper precations. predrill pilot holes for the screws to go through in the vinyl so that it doesnt become stressed by the screws going through it. when driving the screws shoot some clear flex type caulking designed for windows and siding into the hole to seal the holes . not alot just enough to seal the holes and not ooze out onto the face of hte siding
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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