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    Default New switch has NO ground screw or wire


    Wondering what the best thing to do with this problem. I got a new switch, a remote control Heath Zenith BL-6133-WH. But this new switch comes with only two wires. No Ground wire. No Ground screw. And it's going into a plastic gang box.

    Gang the ground to the other switch in the box's ground?


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    Default Re: New switch has NO ground screw or wire

    Chances are it's a "double-insulated" switch meaning it doesn't have to have a ground.

    Just connect all the grounds in the box together along with the ground on the other switch and you should be fine.
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    Default Re: New switch has NO ground screw or wire

    Jabberwocky --- any connection to Python ?

    Up here in Canada none of our wall switches have a ground screw and have been used this way without a problem since the beginning of time .

    In other words .... if that switch is UL certified ( which Heath products usually are ) then you should be good to go as is.
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