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    Default drain won't budge

    Last week we had to have a new water heater installed. After getting it all back together, the drain used by the washing machine will not go down now. We have tried everything. We get a snake just so far, and it will not go an inch further. It is like it is hitting a concrete wall. All the other drains go down with no problem. But when I try to drain my washing machine, the drain backs up. I really do not want to put drain cleaner. I used baking soda and vinegar. I have turned that snake every which way....nothing. I am about to throw dynamite down the drain. Any suggestions? Besides calling a plumber?

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    Default Re: drain won't budge

    Manual snakes often get hung up in elbows. Most hardware stores carry a device that fits on the end of a garden hose

    You might have success with one of these.
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