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    Default Electrical lighting problem - extension light is always on....?

    I have just changed the ceiling rose of 2 lights - one of which is an extension off the other. I am fairly certain the master is wired correctly, but the spur light now stays on all the time. The other light works fine i.e. every time I turn on and off the switch, that light goes on and off. Any electrical experts point me to where the problem might be please.

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    Default Re: Electrical lighting problem - extension light is always on....?

    The light that stays on all the time is obviously not wired correctly. My suspicion is that you've got a hot feeder in the box with the switch leg for the light and you've connected the light to the feeder instead of the switch.

    As the previous poster said, a meter will tell you what is hot and what is not and also find the switch leg for you.
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