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    Default Problems with Driveway

    We had a drvieway installed in Sep 2008. That driveway now has cracks greater that 1/8" wide at the top of the driveway.

    we got the driveway contractor to return to our house as we have more concrete work to be done (garage foundation, etc, and work at our neighbor's house). when the cracks were pointed out to him, he stated that it was from a heavy vehicle pulling on the driveway. I cannot control who pulls into my driveway.

    that was the last time we have heard from him -- we asked for an estimate for the additional work, and despite repeated phone calls, emails he returns no communications.

    I want this repaired by the original contractor. Any suggestions on how to get him to do this? thanks.

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    Default Re: Problems with Driveway

    My recommendation is to forget about this contractor and find someone who will do better work and stand behind it, and most certainly, don't have him back to do any additional work.

    It is my suspicion that he did little to no prep work to the ground before the slab was poured. It is also likely that no reinforcing mesh was used, no gravel base installed, and the slab is too thin. Are there any expansion joints or seams in the slab? These are to create stress points for the slab to break along so that the main body doesn't crack.

    Can you post pictures of the crack and the surrounding area?
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