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    Question Correct Orientation of a Ball Valve?

    When installing a ball valve, should the handle of the open valve be over the "supply" side pipe or over the down stream pipe? I presume there's a convention (accepted standard) and hope someone can tell me what it is.

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    Default Re: Correct Orientation of a Ball Valve?

    With the handle inline with the pipe, the valve should be in the "on" position. When the handle is at a right angle to the pipe it should be in the "off" position. This is how the valve should have been set up from the manufacturer, if this is not the case with your valve, then it's likely been tampered with and should be replace with a new valve.
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    Default Re: Correct Orientation of a Ball Valve?

    the open position can face either the supply side or down stream direction but handle should have enough room to be fully on or off.
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    Default Re: Correct Orientation of a Ball Valve?

    There is no direction of a ball valve. i usually postion it so when it is off the words are right side up and can be read.

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    Default Re: Correct Orientation of a Ball Valve?

    Spruce, you misread the question. The question was whether or not a ball valve has an "inlet" and an "outlet" side like a globe valve or angle stop has. The answer, as others have posted, is that it can be installed in either direction.

    That said, I kind of like to orient it so the handle is pointing in the direction of flow, unless clearance is an issue.

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