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    Question Beadboard on ceiling?

    I have a 1927 home, and the exposed plaster and lath ceiling in the kitchen is currently hidden by an ugly suspended ceiling. Can I remove the suspended ceiling tiles and cover the lath with beadboard using a combination of screws and construction glue?


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    What shape is the plaster in? Is it cracked and sagging downward? Also, I am not sure how you would screw the beadboard to the existing ceiling without leaving unsightly screw heads showing. Screws don't anchor particularly well to plaster either.

    I think it might be better to fur out the ceiling with wooden furring strips, secured with screws into he joists. This would allow you to snug up the plaster to the joists. It would also give you a level wooden surface into which you can freely nail and/or glue.

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    Default Re: Beadboard on ceiling?

    If the ceiling joists are behind the suspended ceiling, can't you just nail the beadboard to that? I think I remember seeing instructions here on this site about nailing up beadboard to a ceiling?

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