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    Default thermostat settings

    i live in a cape style home with a finished basement. there are three heating zones with three thermostats(one on each level). is there a right temp to set them all at? we don't use the 2nd floor that much(spare bedrooms) the master bedroom is on the 1st floor and the basement is where we watch most of our tv shows. basement is set at 66 1st floor at 67 and 2nd floor 63. should they all be the same to save energy? are we losing heat to the 2nd floor satisfying the 2nd floor but making the 1st floor thermostat to kick on more?
    i would love to hear some of your opinions
    thanks :-))

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    Default Re: thermostat settings

    Zones are designed for just this purpose---if you are rarely using the 2nd floor, it can be turned down to 50 degrees or so--so long as nothing is in danger of freezing, you will realize savings.

    In the rest of the house, whatever temp is most comfortable for the occupants is an important factor.

    Programmable t-stats would be helpful in those zones that have activities in different times of the day.

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