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    Default Shut off valve ffor shower

    Why are there no shut off valves for showers? There are shut offs for sinks and toilets. I have a drip in my shower head and need to replace the seats. I will need to turn off the water to the entire house, which brought to mind my question. Does it have to do with the pressure in the shower? I'm thinking of installing shut offs for the shower ( the pipes are exposed in my unfinished basement) so that if anything goes wrong with the seat replacement and I need to call a plumber, the water is not off throughout the house. FYI, thee house is about 6 years old.

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    Default Re: Shut off valve ffor shower

    There are no shut offs because there is typically no access to the shower/tub plumbing. If you have access to that plumbing and wish to install valves, there is no reason you can't. I would recommend clearly marking the valves so that any future tenant or owner of the house will know what the valves are for.
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    Default Re: Shut off valve ffor shower

    our shower has a Koehler "rite temp" pressure balancing valve, with no shutoff valves in wall. i also wondered why there were no shutoffs. just out of curiosity, i pulled out the installation instructions, and was very suprised. the isntructions specifically said [U]not[U] to install shutoff valves.the only thing i could think was that a shutoff could possibly interfere with the balance somehow

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    Default Re: Shut off valve ffor shower

    Some shower faucets are equipped with stops hidden behind the escutcheon plate. If yours is too, they are one each side of the faucet handle and can be turned with a screwdriver.

    Since we're on the subject of showers, if your hot and cold are reversed (hot on the right), you can usually fix it by removing the cartridge, turning it 180 degrees, then replacing it.
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