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    Exclamation What to consider for new ceiling, walls

    We had been getting some leaking through the roof into our family room, after several bad storms hit our area. The ceiling & walls need updating. Our small family room (12' x 12' x 10') has had significant leaking along one of it's ceiling seams. The roof was just replaced, with the lumber replaced that needed it.

    The Insurance has agreed to $1200 for replacement of ceiling, wall work (want to replace laminate paneling w/ dry wall,) etc. TWO of the walls have ample windows, so only 2 of the walls are complete. What can I expect for the work for $1200? Should we have the ceiling drywalled, too, instead of any tiles (which it has now)?

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    Default Re: What to consider for new ceiling, walls

    without seeing the damage its hard to say what the cost will be. your best bet is to call a contractor that specializes in water & damage repair to look at it and give you a quote.

    theres no way of knowing how much needs to be torn out and replaced. you may need new insulation and to repair some structural if there is any rot
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    Default Re: What to consider for new ceiling, walls


    You can certainly stretch that $1200 buy doing the demo work yourself. It is not brain surgery to pull down the cealing tiles and old paneling yourself. The bared stud walls would give you an excellent opportunity to check out the insulation and possible electrical re-work while the walls are open.

    I would opt to have the dry wall professionally done. The pros can make short work of this mmessy job and leave you ready to paint.

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