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    Default Ceiling Fan Wiring

    Hi everyone. I'm installing a ceiling fan with light, that is replacing an existing ceiling fan with light. I need help with the wiring:

    The fan has the following: BLACK=fan motor, BLUE=light, WHITE=neutral.

    My wires from the ceiling box are BLACK, RED, WHITE, GROUND. I didnt label my ceiling wires because I'm not sure what they do. When the old fan/light was hooked up, the one switch in the room operated the light, and the fan operated completely independent of the switch. It was hooked up as BLACK-BLACK, WHITE-WHITE, BLUE-RED. The old fan has the BLACK labeleld as light.

    I want the switch to control both fan and light. What are your suggestions on the connections?

    thank you
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    Default Re: Ceiling Fan Wiring

    If the switch is a single pole switch, two screws on one side plus a ground, the black wire from the switch to the fan/light will go to the black&blue wire at the fan,and white to white. Make sure the red wire is not getting current from some where else. If the switch is a three way switch,that has three screws and a ground, that is where the red wire come from, just replace the switch with a single pole switch, do away with red wire.

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    Default Re: Ceiling Fan Wiring

    Cap the Red, hook the black to the fan black and blue, the white to white and the griund to fan ground.
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