I was wondering if anyone had some knowledge about Mold. I have a brick chimney that goes from the basement to the roof and it goes up thru the middle of my apartment. Im having a problem with the paint that is on the drywall that is covering the brick chimney is peeling and turning dark brown and black spots on it. It only does it like 3 feet down the wall from the ceiling. The rest of the wall is normal. So, last winter I sc****d all the peeling paint and sprayed bleach on it and let it dry. And then I put some new drywall mud on it and smoothed it out and sanded it and then I primed and painted it and it looked good. Then about 5 months later which would be about 2 months from today the paint started peeling again. What would be the best way on cleaning this the right way? And how can I tell if it is really mold or not?