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    Default Stair placement for Attic conversion

    I have a 96 year old 4br hours in Pittsburgh. It's a "H" layout, both top and bottom, and the style is probably closest to a craftsman, but is a bit of a hodge podge.

    the central stairs run up the middle of the house, and the 2nd floor is laid out with two bedrooms on each side and a bathroom at the back.

    We're going to convert the attic to a bedroom, and take one of the sides of the house on the 2nd floor to convert to a master bedroom/bath.

    Looking for ideas/suggestions on stair placement. we could run a set above the main stairs, or adjacent to, possibly a U shape. I like the openness of the 2nd floor right now, and know it's probably more expensive to construct over top of the current set.

    Ultimately, i want to take up as little space as possible, while still meeting code.

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    Default Re: Stair placement for Attic conversion

    It has a lot to do with your layout , dimensions and structure.
    The staircase overtop may work just fine -- depends --- shouldn't be much diffence in price than any other staircase.
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