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    Default Thermostat for Electric Baseboard

    Can any one tell me if I can get a programable thermostat for electric baseboard. I have been looking in some of the home improvement stores in my area and the ones that they are selling don't seem to be compatible with electric baseboard. THANKS

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    Default Re: Thermostat for Electric Baseboard

    Not that many mfgs make this item---Honeywell has several.

    You can also Google "programmable thermostat for electric baseboard heat" for numerous sites on the internet.

    The CT62B1015 is a bargain & gets high reviews from users--Google the model # or check the local heating supply houses in your area---Ace Hardware & Home Depot are listed as carrying this unit.

    Honeywell CT62B1015 $22 (Amazon.com)
    Honeywell TL8230A1003 $48 (Pex supply)
    honeywell TL 7235A1003 $48 (Pex Supply)

    Enter the model # in the pex-supply search box for info & price guidelines.

    These t-stats have to be connected to the 250V circuit breaker line of the baseboard---so follow instructions that come with the unit and TURN OFF THE POWER TO THAT CIRCUIT before you connect the T-stat---always use a voltage tester ($10 at Wal-Mart or Harbor Freight) to make sure there's no juice in the wires before you touch them or attempt a connection to the thermostat.

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    Default Re: Thermostat for Electric Baseboard

    I recently replaced mine with programmables. Got 'em at Home Depot. Single pole, line voltage, Honeywell brand. They were about $49 each.

    I believe this was the model.

    There was a large selection of low voltage thermostats, but this was the only model of line voltage programmable thermostat HD carried.

    You might ask at the service desk as they might not stock 'em in your area. Around here, baseboard electric is unfortunately very prolific.

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    Default Re: Thermostat for Electric Baseboard

    BIG THANKS to Nashua Tech and Ken Grubb for their help with the programmable thermostat for my electric baseboard. Went to HD and bought a Honeywell, installed it myself and it works great.
    Easier than I thought. THANKS AGAIN.


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    Default Re: Thermostat for Electric Baseboard

    In the Pacific NW, some of the Honeywell products are marketed under the Cadet name, which I think is probably a regional brand. Cadet, based in Vancouver, WA, is a manufacturer of electric wall heaters and baseboards. I don't if that they're related to Honeywell, but they at least rebrand the Honeywell thermostats for baseboard & wall heaters.
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