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    Question When it rains, it floods.

    I live in a house that was built 30 years ago. My wife's grandparents owned the home and we moved in after they passed away.
    We inherited a landscaping nightmare. A landscaper came in a few years back and added sod without properly preparing the yard or putting in proper drainage. Now, everytime it rains a bit the yard floods and the two small drains in the back don't drain well due to poor location and or roots growing into and plugging the drain.
    What can we do short of tearing up the yard putting in new drains, that would require cutting through concrete (yard boarders)? We live in mild Northern California (Redding, CA).

    Any tips and pointers or sound advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: When it rains, it floods.

    Sadly, just about anything that can be done without a fairly serious overhaul may merely be a bandaid.

    If your watering system is adequate, you might be able to get by with regrading to promote natural run-off, or at least run-off towards the drain system. You might be able to have the drain system roto-rootered to clear clogs and roots, but if it was installed improperly, then replacement will be necessary. After regrading you can either resod or seed, I prefer sod because it's faster and you can use your yard almost immediately afterward, whereas seed will take at least one season before it's usable.
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