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    Default Re: Water Hammer After New Water Heater Installed

    Glad to hear you're finally blessed with the "sounds of silence"
    (author Paul Simon is from Queens, BTW).

    Yes, it's always a good idea to bleed air out of a HW radiator/baseboard system; if there IS air in there it won't come out by itself.

    The plumbers probably should have done it as part of their HWH installation.

    It's an easy diy task if you have those tiny bleeder valves at the end of each radiator/baseboard in each room.

    Take a small screwdriver & open each valve; if you see water come out, close immediately; if you see air, let all the air out & then close.

    Scrunch a wad of paper toweling under the valve to catch any water.

    Although it's not heating season yet, it won't hurt to turn on the heat for a few minutes after you do the bleeding to see if you hear any gurgling or other noises in the heat piping.

    Repeat the bleeding process again if you do.

    The supply water valve (pressure reducing valve) would have to be open to allow new water into the heating pipes to replace any air removed.
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