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    Question roof structure question-HELP!

    I have a 200+ yr old house. I have been talking to the city about getting grant $ to fix my roof. The problem is I am not sure the way they wrote up the work order is the right way. My house is build with the old peg system and the roof is not structurally sound. The write up says to put new 4x4 beams attached perpendicularly to existing framing; up to 70LF of new 4x4's, one new assembly at each slope.install new ridge support framing to replace or amend existing ridge. install purlins every 3LF to support new 4x4's(6 supporting each slope). This attic space is my only dry storage. this write up seems like it will take up all my space. It seems like the roof should come off and be redone. They think house won't hold weight of a new roof.
    Please let me know your opinion.

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    Default Re: roof structure question-HELP!

    Hi consider hiring a structural enginer to tell you how to fix the roof. The spans and loading etc is just what tehy do well.

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