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    Lightbulb Aging In Place - Babies Boom Afterall

    C'mon This Old House....all that bandwith for a wall niche. Boomers do not need something else to dust. Any house that does not come equipped with a wall niche, certainly shouldn't be encouraged to build one. What Boomers are interested in is how to Get Along. Give me some pointers about how to lower things that need to lowered and raise things that can be raised. Can gas dryers be raised six inches off the floor? Can steps be eliminated?
    Can I raise the level of the yard to match up to the front porch stoop? Give me lots of details about steps, their safe proportion, lighting them, the pitch and the suggested materials. Magazine is great, love the way salvage things are used to make great style. Magazine is colorful and useful, but it could be MORE useful if it took care of those who wish to Age in Place. I want to find lighting that "sees me coming", automatically turns itself on and off. I would love something near the bed, an unobtrusive hand rail that would help me stabilize before I start walking as I rise from bed level. Think of the advertisers you could tie-in with if you could find (I sure can't) some really good shower brushes that permit cleaning while actually standing up !!
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